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Forensic Analysis of Human DNA

in Newry vom 17.06.2018 - 22.06.2018

Advances in the knowledge of the human genome combined with the capabilities of rapid DNA sequencing technologies offer the forensic DNA community the potential for new tools to enhance human identification capabilities from crime scene evidence and severely compromised human remains. Simultaneously, increased sensitivity of conventional methods requires the generation of new knowledge relative to understanding mechanisms of DNA deposition and transfer.

The mission of this second Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Forensic Analysis of Human DNA is to create an international forum that fosters open discussion of cutting edge topics at the forefront of human identification research.

Topics to be presented and discussed by leading researchers will include probabilistic genotyping, molecular methods for body fluid identification, DNA sequence variation, DNA deposition and transfer, advances in microfluidics for rapid DNA analysis, and the relationship between genotype and phenotype as it relates to pigmentation and craniofacial formation. In addition, focus will be placed on aspects of the DNA-based identification process that have been overshadowed by the advances in short tandem repeat analysis technology. Specifically, a section of the meeting will be devoted to novel methods in DNA collection and extraction. Other important aspects of the process that will be explored are data interpretation, report writing and effects of cognitive bias. The ample time allotted for each talk and associated discussion promotes sharing of ideas and interaction between young and senior researchers. These interactions will shape the future of the field and help form the next generation of investigators. The conference invites practitioners and researchers of all levels to actively participate in the discussion of these topics. Immediately preceding the GRC, the first two day Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Forensic Analysis of Human DNA will be held. This shorter meeting offers the ideal setting for early career research students to interact and exchange knowledge, methods, and experiences in the rapidly developing field of forensic DNA analysis.

Veranstaltungstyp: Konferenzen
Veranstaltungsdatum: 17.06.2018 bis 22.06.2018
Veranstaltungsort: Jordan Hotel at Sunday River
Sprache: Englisch
Veranstalter: Gordon Research
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